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Absence of Conclusion


Progness: 3 stars

Quality: 2 stars

Melancholia: 2 stars
What's it about?: Never quite getting the job done

Rock out?: 3 stars 


Musicians: Tanja  (vocals), Dominic (keys, programming), Andrew (bass), Charles (guitar). Drums: Razor McGuinness. 


A fairly straightforward song both musically and lyrically  it's about - my frustrations at seeming never to be able to quite get things finished, or to a point where I'm happy with it.

This theme flows through this site and is to a great extent the reason for its' existence - the seemingly insurmountable difficulty of getting five people together in a room sufficiently often to be able to learn a batch of songs and get out there to perform them in front of an audience. At the same time as having to commute, work, polish cobbles and so on. Pah!