Mother Ship Mechromantix

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Progness: 5 stars

Quality: 4 stars

Melancholia: 4 stars
What's it about?: The detachment of a psychopathic mind

Rock Out: 1 star


Musicians: Kimberly (vocals), Andrew (bass and vocals), Charles (guitar, keyboards, programming). Drums: Davis Shoux.

Sensibility's Sister Jennings

Sister Jennings sat and smiled

It had taken her a while

A young girl with raven hair

It’s not her name but she doesn’t care


Magnolia life turned to red

And front page news; they were misled

Raven hair led them all a dance


Breath to pause, to light a name

From hidden thought and equal blame

And slow to burn in breathless space

Her smile became one of forbidding grace


From pastor’s charm and gazing eye

Through call of youth’s more brazen ties

Sensing an untouched seam

When love’s young hope turned shattered dream


From a loss of heart sprang a point of light

And clarity in plain sight

So affirmed her unshaken poise

Broken ties gave her little choice